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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Wedding Pet Attendant?

A wedding pet attendant is more that just your dogs' date to you wedding! They provide complete care and handling throughout your entire wedding night, so that you and your guests can enjoy celebrating with your dog, without any of the added stress! 

What services do you offer?

Our standard package includes two hours of on-site service, where our wedding pet attendants will assist with family photos, escort your pup down the aisle, sit with them during the ceremony and walk them around cocktail hour so all of your guests can say hi! Additionally, we offer a variety of upgrades for an exclusive experience, including added pet attendants for numerous dogs and chauffeur services to and from your venue. Check out our full services, and please note that some services bary based on location. 

How much is your Wedding Pet Attendant package?

Our Wedding Pet Attendant packages start at $400, and we can happily curate a package tailored to your specific needs!

What locations do you service?

We currently have Wedding Pet Attendants in Colorado and Metro Detroit, and we are looking to expand! Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Wedding Pet Attendant in another state, or if you are interested in servicing one of our current locations! 

Do you travel?

Yes, we do! Our Metro-Detroit Wedding Pet Attendant is available to travel up to 30 miles, and our Colorado Wedding Pet Attendants service all of Colorado. Please see our travel rates for out-of-state requests. 

I'm eloping; can I still bring my dog?

Please do! If you are eloping in Colorado or Michigan, we would be more than happy to help you include your furry fam in your big day! Contact us to schedule a free consultation. 

How many dogs can you assist with at once?

This depends entirely on size, breed, tempermant and degree of training. Most of our wedding dog chaperones are comfortable assisting with two well-behaved dogs who are leash-trained. If you have more than one dog, we always recommend contacting us to schedule a meet and greet before confirming the number of Wedding Pet Attendants you will need. If you have 3 or more dogs, we do require additional wedding pet attendants in order to ensure a seamless experience for all parties. 

Do you require a meet and greet?

We only require meet and greets if your dog will be spending any amount of time in one of our Pet Attendants homes. All of our Wedding Pet Attendants have dogs of their own, and it is imperative that we schedule a meet and greet to make sure it is a good fit for everyone, especially the dogs! If you already have arrangements for your dog, you do not need to schedule a meet and greet; however, if you are close in proximity, it is always nice to meet you before your big day! 

Do you offer dog sitting a la carte?

We do not, but we are working on creating trusted relationships with dog sitters in the Denver/Boulder area as well as Metro Detroit.

Can you help with cats and other animals?

Sure! While most of our Wedding Pet Attendants are more experienced with dogs, we are always happy to help you include your other furry family members in your big day. We do not have any pet attendants who are familiar with horses, so if you know anyone for the job, let us know! 

Sounds like the best job ever! Are you hiring? 

YES! We're so glad you asked :) Pup Plus One is currently looking to expand across the U.S. If you love dogs and are interested in learning more, we want to hear from you. Please visit our careers page for more information. 

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